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You may be confused about what is 24K/18K/10K gold and what is 9999 gold? And what is gold plated jewelry? We hereby will make an brief introduction to common senses of gold!

  • The purity of gold

Let’s talk about the purity of gold. Purity is also called fineness. We may know the so-called 99 gold, 999 gold or even 9999 gold. What is the difference between them? 99 gold is actually 99% of gold, and 1% is other precious metals. 999 gold is actually 99.9% of gold, and 0.1% of it is not. 9999 gold is 99.99% of gold, so gold is other It is difficult to refine to 100% purity.

So what is 24K, 22K, 18K, 10K gold? 22K gold means that only 92% is gold. 18K means that only 75% of it is gold. What about the other 25%? It may be silver, copper, nickel or palladium. 10K means that 41% of it is gold, so we When buying gold jewelry, everyone should pay attention to whether it is pure gold or other purity gold, because the ratio of gold is different, of course its price will be different.

The purity of gold is also called fineness

With 1000 as the unit, there is a so-called purity description of 999 or 999.9, such as 750 is equal to 18K

Carat referred to as K, divides the gold alloy into 24 equal parts, and the gold content per K number is 4.166%

10K=10*4.166%=41.660% (417‰)

18K=18*4.166%=74.998% (750‰)

24K=24*4.166%=99.984% (999‰)

18K gold = 750 gold = contains 75% gold = contains 25% other precious metals

  • Gold-plated jewelry

You should be especially careful when buying gold-plated jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry can be plated with different materials or the same material. The gold-plated jewelry of the same material may be 18K gold or 10K jewelry to be plated; the part with different materials may be silver Or copper or even hardware and then plating with 18K gold water is the so-called gold plating.

In IKKMIR Jewelry, different ways of gilding will also make the price of jewelry different.

  • Gold price unit

Let’s share the common units of gold measurement. Internationally, the unit of gold trading in European and American markets is the ounce, and 1 ounce is equal to 31.1 grams.

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