How can I track my order?2022-12-05T02:13:36+00:00

Firstly, go to Track My Order page.

How can I track my order?

Secondly, enter your order ID and e-mail address. You can always find your order ID in the mail sent to you when placing your order.

Finally, click on the track ID to track the logistics info.

How can I track my order?

If you have further questions, please contact our customer services.

I received my item, but it doesn’t look like I expected2021-05-07T11:53:16+00:00

We are sorry to hear that your order is not to your taste.

We are happy to offer you to exchange the item for another, but first, our customer service team request to receive a picture from you in order to make sure the item matches our quality standards, and that the details are as described on site.

When contacting us, please make sure to include the following details so that we can assist you in the best possible way:

Your Order ID number

A picture of the item you received

Feedback on the item

Link to the item that you would like to exchange to

How to take care of my jewelry?2021-05-07T11:59:31+00:00

WE are jewelry specialists that are dedicated to capturing life’s special moments with custom-made jewelry. Whether you’ve just received a beautiful birthstone ring, name necklace, or family tree jewelry, it’s important to maintain the beautiful shine and finish of your jewelry.


All jewelry can eventually tarnish, but your best defense is to be vigilant and properly care for your items. We recommend that you give your gold or silver jewelry a quick clean at the end of the day, using a soft cleaning polish cloth, to remove any fingerprints or oils that may have accumulated from normal wear.

Allow the jewelry to dry

Sterling silver jewelry deserves extra special care, so for these precious items we recommend a silver polish.You can purchase a quality silver cream at most jewelry stores, drug stores and even supermarkets.


Make up first, then accessories

Lotions, hairspray and some cosmetics have chemicals that can be harmful to your jewelry. It is always best to apply your makeup first and then put on your jewelry in order to minimize the amount of damage your jewelry can be exposed to.

Take it off before you sweat it off

Working up a sweat may be good for your health but it’s not good for your jewelry. Make sure to remove your jewelry before all intense physical activity. This will protect your jewelry from reacting to the chemicals in your sweat or from any damage that may happen in contact sport.

Rub a dub dub, no jewelry in the tub!

Your soaps and shampoos may get you smelling fresh and squeaky clean, but the harmful chemicals they contain could also do a number on your personalized jewelry. Too much sudsing in the shower while wearing your personalized necklace, bracelet or rings can cause a film to form over the precious metal, dulling the sheen and diminishing its gorgeous shine.

Jewelry and pools don’t mix

Everyone loves a cool dip in the swimming pool on a hot summer day. But pools and Jacuzzis are full of chlorine that, if exposed for too long, can cause your jewelry to discolor . So play it safe: When you’re stripping down into your bathing suit, take your jewelry off too.

Don’t clean with the gleam

While we’re very proud of your pro-active housework we would like to take a moment to remind you that once again harmful chemicals and jewelry do not make a good combination. While the chemicals in cleaning products are great for keeping your house shiny and germ free, they can be harmful to the quality and longevity of your precious jewelry pieces.

Be smart about safekeeping

Properly storing your jewelry will do wonders for keeping it looking new. Keep your customized jewelry in a box where it won’t get tangled up with other items or damaged from too much movement. A jewelry box with a soft felt lining is perfect, but you can even line a simple shoebox with fabric to keep your items nestled and safe. Anti-tarnish strips are also a great investment to keep out oxidants than can tarnish and dull your pieces.

Warranty Conditions2021-10-29T13:00:45+00:00

We offer a free one-year warranty on all jewelry purchases against manufacturing defects and workmanship.

Please be assured that we promise the jewelry we sell is of the highest quality.

If you need assistance, please contact our customer service team at info@ikkmir.com with your order number, and we will be happy to assist you.

My ring or chain size is incorrect, what should I do?2022-12-05T02:10:10+00:00

We will gladly send you a new chain, which can be easily replaced by yourself with a set of pliers.

If the ring size or chain length is different from the one that you ordered.

Please contact our Customer Service Team with:

Your Order ID number

A picture of the ring size tag or length of the chain

If you ordered the wrong chain length and would prefer a new chain, please contact our Customer Service Team.

We will gladly ship a new chain to you, at only shipping cost.

My jewelry is damaged, what should I do?2022-12-05T02:10:42+00:00

We’re willing to exchange a new one for you!

To check on the status of the order, please contact us with:


Your Order ID number

The picture of the damaged item

The specifics about the damage

The exchanged size

A picture of the damaged product is required for the next procedure.

Our customer service team will follow your request and get back to you as soon as possible. Once we confirm the validity period of the warranty, the replacement will be sent out to you very soon.

I can’t track my order, what should I do?2022-12-05T02:11:05+00:00

We ask that you please check that you have entered the correct tracking number.

If you are sure that the number is correct, then maybe there is a problem with the email address.

Perhaps you placed your order with a different email address.

Please contact us if you are still having difficulties with tracking your order.

If your postal tracking number is not working, please allow 48 hours to try again.

Sometimes it takes time for the information to be update on the shipping websites.

Where is my order?2022-12-05T02:11:19+00:00

Want to know exactly where it is?

You can use the USPS tracking tool to track your order and track it until it reaches you.

Haven’t Received A Shipping Notification?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number for you to track your order.

If you haven’t received a shipping notification then your order probably hasn’t been shipped yet. Don’t worry. We will let you know once your order is on its way to you.

Order Should’ve Arrived But Hasn’t?

We are sorry that you haven’t received your order yet :(

☆Check the shipping address on your shipping confirmation and see that all details are correct. If there is a slight mistake, the order will return to us and we will contact you for the correct shipping address.

☆Track your order with the tracking number on the suitable tracking site, if it shows that your order is on its way please allow a few more days to receive your order.

☆Ask other members of your household if they accepted the package. Yes, this happens a lot!

☆Check if the order was delivered to your local post office

If you are still unable to locate your order, please contact our customer service and one of our representatives will contact you.

Do you ship wordwide?2021-05-07T11:53:36+00:00

Yes! We ship to most countries all over the world.

Please note that the shipping time frame may vary according to the destination you would like your order shipped to.

How can I change an order after placing it?2022-12-05T02:11:43+00:00

If you have already placed your order but you selected the wrong product or want to change the personalization details, please contact our customer service team.

* Please note that on all canceled or changed orders(after 24 hours) of personalized items there is a 30% restocking fee.

If you are changing the item with a monetary difference, we will send you either a payment request or refund, according to the difference.

As each item is made uniquely and specifically for every customer, any changes made after an order has shipped will incur a 30% restocking fee.

What is your return policy?2021-05-07T11:51:17+00:00

Click here for more information.

What should I do if I receive a payment that didn’t go?2021-05-07T11:54:57+00:00

If you received a message that your payment did not go through, please check your billing information and personal information. Make sure the information you have entered matches the card.

If all details are correct, please try to pay via PayPal. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a registered member of PayPal to use their services.

You can also use a different credit card or try simply try again with the payment process a few hours after your initial attempt.

How can I pay for my order?2022-12-05T02:12:04+00:00

we accept all major credit cards as well as payments made through PayPal.

All payment must be made in full before shipment.

In order to place a payment, simply click on either the ‘Process Checkout’ or the ‘PayPal Buy Now’ buttons in the shopping cart. After you have entered your contact details you will then be redirected to the relevant payment platform.

How to determine the right necklace chain length?2021-05-07T11:55:50+00:00

Long story short: The chain you select will determine where on your body your name necklace sits, so think about the length that is right for you.

How to determine the right necklace chain length?

Our chains run from 14″ to 22″ long, which means your necklace can sit anywhere from high up on your collarbone to all the way on your lower chest.

Once you’ve decided where you would like the necklace to sit,

Take a long piece of string and loop it around your neck.

Close the string at the point on your chest you would like your necklace to sit.

Now open the string and measure it – how many inches is it? That’s the length you should select for your new necklace.

Please keep in mind that the chain lengths mentioned on the website do not include the length of the pendant. Most of our pendants run between 0.75″-2″ (2-5 cm), so the total length of your customized jewelry will be the length of your selected chain plus the length of your name pendant.

For example, if you order a name necklace with a 16″ chain, the total length of the name necklace would be 16.75″ – 18″, depending on the name and style.

How do I use a coupon?2022-12-05T02:12:23+00:00

Simply use the coupon code on the cart page.

What’s more. Subscribers to our email list and other loyal customers who follow us on social media often receive discount coupons.

I have a special request for my necklace2022-12-05T02:12:44+00:00

While we have a wide range of jewelry and styles perhaps you are looking to add that personal touch that you can’t yet find in our collection. In the case that you would like to put in a special design request, simply contact our Customer Service Team.

Your inquiry will be reviewed by our jewelry design experts, who will let you know if we are able to move forward with your personalized creation.

What are my delivery options?2022-12-05T02:13:05+00:00

In order to upgrade your shipping method you will need to contact the Customer Service team and let them know which shipping method you would like to upgrade to. We usually offer three shipping methods:

Standard Shipping

Expedited – currently unavailable

Express – shipments require a customer signature upon delivery

Each Shipping Method has a different time frame and different prices.

For more information about local and international shipping as well as relevant delivery times, please visit our shipping information page for more info.

Please note that the time frame is stated in business days, which means that it does not include weekends.

How to determine my ring size?2021-05-07T11:56:12+00:00

The first necessity to choose the right ring is to select the right fit. Here is the best way to do it:

  • 1. Find a piece of string that is about six inches in length. If you do not have string, you can really choose anything like a thin strip of paper, tissue, cords, etc. Anything that can wrap around your finger will work.
  • 2. Wrap the string around your finger. Use a pen to make a mark where the end of the string meets.
  • 3. Find a ruler and measure the string. Take your answer and subtract 9.3 from it. Round to either .0 or .5, and you got it!
  • How to determine my ring size?