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  • What’s is birthstone?

Birthstone by month, also known as Birth month stone, is the Birthstone of those born at 12 months in European and American legend.  Birthstones are avaliable in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August ,September ,October ,November and December birthstone.

From January to December, stones by month are not the same, January birthstone is garnet, birthstone of February is amethyst, birthstone of  March is aquamarine, birthstone of  April is diamond, birthstone of  May is emerald, birthstone of June is the pearl or moonstone, birthstone of July is ruby, August is olivine, September is the sapphire, October is tourmaline or opal, November is the blue topaz (topaz stone), December is turquoise or zircon And they all mean different things. 

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  • The symbolic significance of the gem
  • January-Garnet: Chastity, sincerity, friendship, truth
  • February-Amethyst: Honesty and peace
  • March-Aquamarine: Calm, brave and intelligent
  • April-Crystal: Pure and flawless
  • May-Emerald: Luck and happiness
  • June-Lt Amethyst: Health, longevity and wealth
  • July-Ruby: Passion, kindness and dignity
  • August-Peridot: Happiness, healing
  • September-Sapphire: Love, honesty, virtue
  • October-Rose: Joy, happiness, and be blessed
  • November-Yellow Topaz: Friendship, love, hope
  • December-Blue Zircon: Victory, good luck and success
  • What does a birthstone mean? Brief Overview

January – Garnet
The mineral name of Ziyawu is garnet, abbreviated as garnet, which is named after it is shaped like a garnet.
Garnet is the birthstone of January, representing chastity, love, and loyalty. At the same time, it is also a commemorative gem for the second anniversary of the wedding.

In the Bohemian Garnet Museum in Europe, there is a red garnet that has been sleeping for hundreds of years. She quietly tells every visitor a beautiful and moving love story. Ulu Liye is the owner of this garnet, she is the lover of Goethe, the greatest poet in Europe. When she was only 19 years old when she saw Goethe for the first time, she fell in love with him deeply. Due to the big age gap between the two, her love was opposed by the family. But this stubborn girl loves Goethe as passionately as she does for the garnet in the family. She wears a garnet every time she goes on a date with Goethe, because she deeply believes in the legend of garnet: it can convey the message of love between lovers. She wants Garnet to witness her loyal love.
Perhaps it was the garnet manifestation that passed Ulurie’s almost crazy love to Goethe. Goethe was deeply moved by Ulurie’s love across ages, and thus a great handed down poem “Mary Inbaatar’s The Elegy was born.
At first, the gemstone found in Czechoslovakia, the oldest ruins in Europe, was garnet. This string of garnets was strung with a string, and it is said that it was worn by the elders of this tribe. In ancient times, people worshiped the sun as a god, and gems that sparkled when exposed to sunlight were regarded as mysterious as the sun. It is said that Ulurita, Goth’s lover, often wears red garnets that have been handed down from generation to generation when dating. This string of gems is now housed in the Bohemia Museum. Wearing this kind of gem makes people feel calm and comfortable, can understand the good intentions and thoughts of others, and can also have the ability to see everything in the world.

For a long time, when garnet is mentioned, people will think of fire, and people believe that she has the ability to light up the night. In Muslim religions, people believe that garnet can illuminate heaven. The ancient Norwegians and Scandinavians always buried garnets when they died. They believed that this stone would light up their way to the Valhana Temple. The palace of the Abyssinian king was also covered with garnets. The Crusaders put garnets in their armors, believing that the protective power of the gems would bless them all. In the Middle Ages, people generally believed that garnet had mysterious powers such as disaster relief, strengthening human vitality, and loyalty, so it was widely used by knights. From the Princess of Abyssinia to Queen Marie Antoinette (Queen Louis XVI) of France, their collars are covered with garnets, because people have always regarded her as a symbol of female beauty since ancient times.

February – Amethyst
Crystal is the most common and oldest kind of gem, its mineral name is quartz. Amethyst, referred to as amethyst. The English name derives from the Greek word Amethystos. It has the joy of “wine” because it looks like wine. According to the current research, it is because the hydroxide of iron forms a “color center” in the crystal. High-quality amethyst is dark purple.
Amethyst, “color like grapes, bright and lovely”. Has been cherished since ancient times. In Japan, purple has been regarded as a noble color since ancient times. People hailed amethyst as the “stone of honesty”. It is the birthstone of February, symbolizing honesty, peace of mind, and a commemorative gem for the seventeenth anniversary of marriage.

March – Aquamarine
Aquamarine: Aquamarine is named because it contains Fe2+ in beryl, which is sky blue to sea blue. Legend has it that this beautiful gem is produced on the bottom of the sea, and it is the essence of sea water. Therefore, navigators use it to pray to the sea god to bless the safety of navigation, and call it “the stone of the gods of good fortune.” It is also used as the “March birthstone”, symbolizing “composite and bravery”, “happiness and longevity”.

April – Diamond
Diamond, also known as diamond, the mineral name is diamond, the ancient name is “kunshi”, and the world is collectively called diamond.
Diamond is the birthstone of April, symbolizing chastity and purity, and it is also a commemorative gemstone for the 75th anniversary of marriage. Therefore, the 75th anniversary of the wedding is named Diamond Marriage.
Around 1642 AD, a 112-carat diamond found in India was set on the statue of the gods for the blessing of the gods. But perhaps the shock of the gem made the gods close their eyes. From then on, the strange and tragic bad luck was accompanied by the bad luck of “Blue Hope makes it hard for everyone who owns it to escape the loss of wealth and wealth. A monk was caught for stealing it.” It was discovered and burned alive. Later, he changed hands several times and was acquired by the French Emperor Louis XIV. It was polished into a diamond weighing 69.03 carats, but he only wore it once and soon died of smallpox. Later, the French royal blue Princess Berna, Louis XVI and the Queen were all killed because of this gem. After being stolen from the French treasury in 1792, it reappeared in 1830. But by this time it had been polished into a 45.5 carat diamond. A Dutchman. The jeweler tried his best to obtain the gem, but was stolen by his son. The jeweler committed suicide in angrily. In 1911, Washington Postmaster McClan bought the gem for US$151,000. Two years later, his son was in a car accident. Lost, McClan died, and his daughter committed suicide by taking sleeping pills. Finally, in 1958, another wealthy American jeweler, Mr. Winston, bought the gem. He gave it as a precious gift for free. The Smithsonian Museum in Washington, USA, for visitors to watch. Since entering the museum, the nightmare attached to “Blue Hope” has finally ended. It seems that beautiful things must be shared by everyone.

May – emerald
People take emeralds as the birthstone in May, a symbol of happiness, and a gem gift for the fifty-fifth anniversary of the wedding. At the beginning of this century, there was a touching story of “Love the country and the beauty more” in Britain. The heroine of the story, Mrs. Simpson, has a huge emerald ring. This ring is a token of love from the former King Edward VIII who gave up the throne for her and later the Duke of Windsor. Legend has it that this emerald originally belonged to the collection of a Mongolian prince and was of excellent quality. After experiencing the hands of countless palace nobles, it finally came to the hands of a jeweler in New York. Because the original gem was too large, no one could afford it at that time. So the jeweler decided to divide the emeralds in two, and one of them was bought by Edward VIII. On April 2, 1987, at the Sotheby’s auction in Geneva, the Duchess of Windsor donated the relics. The ring was sold for 2.1 million US dollars, and the huge money was donated to a French medical research center.
In the history of western jewelry culture, emeralds are regarded as a symbol of love and life, and represent a spring full of vitality. According to legend, it is also the favorite gemstone of Venus, the god of love. Therefore, emerald also has the connotation of success and guarantee of love. It can give the wearer honest and good memories; and the mysterious brilliance it shines makes it Become one of the most precious gems. Since it was discovered by humans, emerald has been regarded as having the magical power to exorcise evil spirits. People use emerald as amulets, evil spirits or religious ornaments, and it is believed that wearing it can resist the invasion of poisonous snakes and beasts. In the Middle Ages, in various jewellery records, emerald was a gem with strong healing power. It has detoxification and antipyretic effects. Both Europeans and Asians believed that it had special effects in curing dysentery. In addition, it also has a good protective effect on the liver and can relieve eye fatigue. What’s even more amazing is that emeralds have the effect of calming storms, so they can treat depression and madness; women who have emeralds can maintain a good marriage life; embedding emeralds under the tongue can make practitioners have Predictive ability, the color of emeralds will change when the holder is deceived. Send a signal of danger.

June – Pearl, Moonstone
Throughout history, pearls have always symbolized wealth, happiness, and nobility. In feudal society, dignitaries use pearls to represent status, power, money, and honorable status. Common people use pearls to symbolize happiness, peace and auspiciousness. Pearls have always been loved by people for their warmth, elegance, and beauty, and are known as the queen of jewelry. The international gemstone community also lists pearls as lucky stones for birth in June, and commemorative stones for the thirteenth and thirtieth anniversary of marriage. In Rome, they believed that the moonstone was formed by moonlight, and the shadow of the god of the moon, Diana, can be seen from the moonstone. The Greeks also believed that it was also a symbol of Venus, the god of beauty and love, and emeralds were also one of the love stones of the god of love, Venus. In the Middle Ages, people believed that looking at the moonstone would make people fall asleep and predict the future from dreams. Even in some Arab countries, moonstones are often sewn into clothes as a symbol of abundance. In modern India, moonstones are still considered sacred symbols, and because they are believed to give the wearer a beautiful fantasy at night, they are used as dream stones. In the legend of East India, moonstone represents the symbol of the third eye and can purify spiritual understanding.
From the end of the 19th century to the 20th century in Europe and America, especially during the Art Deco style, moonstone was very popular and was often used in the creation of jewelry by master goldsmiths. In addition, because people believe that moonstone can evoke feelings and passions in people’s hearts, moonstone is also called “lovers’ stone”. In some places, it is called “traveler’s stone” because it is believed that it can be protected at night. In some Asian countries, it is also used as a symbol of “no tears”.

July – Ruby
Ruby is a kind of corundum, the main component is alumina, and the red color comes from chromium. Most natural rubies come from Asia, Africa and Australia, but there are also some in Montana and South Carolina. Natural rubies are very rare and precious, but man-made is not too difficult, so industrial rubies are all man-made. In Europe, the royal family still regards rubies as a witness to marriage. There is an ancient legend in Myanmar that the beautiful princess Nadya was taken away by the evil man-eater. The cannibal dragon asked Princess Nadya to be his wife, and shut the princess in a tower full of thorns. When the princess’s lover Prince Sun heard about it, he took the warriors around to save the beloved princess. They came to the tower after untold hardships and fought against the cannibal dragon. Although the cannibal dragon has boundless mana, they were unable to resist the steadfast love between the princess and the prince, and they were finally defeated by the god of the sun prince. The arrow killed. Later, the princess and the prince lay three eggs, one hatched to become the king of Myanmar, one was the emperor of China, and the other was a ruby. The king of Myanmar and the emperor of China symbolize the supreme power of the prince and princess, and the ruby ​​is the witness of their love. A man who owns a ruby ​​can master the power he dreams of, and a woman who owns a ruby ​​can get an everlasting love.

August – Peridot
Peridot is an affordable and beautiful gemstone. The colors are beautiful and pleasing to the eyes, and they are loved by people and are known as the “stone of happiness”. It is the birthstone of August and it indicates the happiness and harmony of the couple.
Olivine gets its name because it is mostly olive green in color. Its English name is Peridot or Olivine, the former is directly derived from French Peridot, and the latter is a mineralogical term. Olivine was discovered on the island of St. John in the ancient Egyptian territory about 3500 years ago and is considered to be a gem of the sun.
Gem-grade olivine is mainly divided into strong yellow-green peridot, golden-green peridot, yellow-green peridot, strong green peridot (also called evening emerald or western emerald, evening primrose emerald) and sky gemstone (produced in Very rare among meteorites). High-quality peridot is transparent olive-green or yellow-green, and its clear and beautiful color is very pleasing to the eye, symbolizing peace, happiness, tranquility and other good wishes. In ancient times, wars between some tribes often expressed peace by giving each other olivine. There are still peridotes that were inlaid thousands of years ago in some temples in Jerusalem.

September – Sapphire
Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, steadfastness, love and honesty. Star sapphire is also known as the “stone of destiny”, which can bless the wearer’s safety and make people lucky. Sapphire is a high-end gemstone, one of the world’s four major gemstones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds), and rubies are known as “sister gems”.
Sapphire is as deep as the blue of the night sky. It was cast in a mysterious and supernatural color by ancient people, and it was regarded as auspicious. As early as in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient Rome, it was used to decorate mosques, churches and monasteries, and as a tribute to religious ceremonies. Together with diamonds and pearls, it has also become an indispensable accessory on the crown and dress of the king of the British Empire and the Russian tsar.
World gemology defines sapphire as the birthstone in September.

October – tourmalines and opals and pebbles
Tourmaline has a short history of being used as gemstones, but because of its bright, rich color and high transparency, it has won people’s love when it came out. It is called a gem of amorous feelings. Today, tourmaline is a favorite mid-range gemstone variety, known as the October birthstone. Tourmaline is also called tourmaline. The English name Tourmaline is derived from the ancient Sinhalese (Ceylon) word Turmali, which means “mixed gems”. Legend has it that the origin of tourmaline was in 1703. Several children in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, were playing with the stones brought back by the Dutch navigator. They discovered that in addition to the strange colors that appeared under the sun, they were even more surprised that these stones had a kind of attraction or The power to repel light objects such as dust or grass clippings, so the Dutch call it a limestone. Until 1768, the famous Swedish scientist Linnes discovered that tourmaline also has piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity. This is the origin of the name of tourmaline.

November – Topaz
Topaz is the English translation of the name, derived from the Red Sea Zabajad Island, the island is also known as “Topaz” (transliteration), which means “difficult to find”. Because this island is often shrouded in heavy fog, it is not easy to be found, so it is named. Here, topaz should be separated from the traditional name “topaz”, and “topaz”, which is the “topaz” in “nephrite”. Topaz has become a precious gemstone since ancient times because of its high hardness and beautiful color. However, due to the fact that it produces more, and the fact that topaz can be fake, the reputation of Topaz has been affected. But those natural wine yellow varieties, especially sky blue varieties, are still relatively precious gems. It has a strong yellow color and resembles yellow wine. It was called “wine yellow gemstone” in ancient China, and called “Oriental yellow gemstone” or “Brazilian yellow gemstone” abroad. It is the best variety of topaz.

Topaz is the birthstone of November and the commemorative gemstone for the 16th anniversary of marriage. Wearing it symbolizes friendship and happiness. Topaz is mainly used to process a variety of polished gemstones. The beautiful and complete crystals are more favored by collectors or museums.

December – turquoise, tanzanite
Turquoise, also known as “turquoise”, gets its name because it resembles a pine ball and is nearly turquoise green. English Turquoise means turquoise stone. Turkey does not produce turquoise. According to legend, turquoise produced in ancient Persia was named after being transported into Europe through Turkey.

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